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Maximising Brand Opportunities

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All organisations from public to the private sector and not for profit concerns are under increasing pressure to maximise revenues and improve returns on assets. However, one of the most valuable assets, the brand is often overlooked. Yet instantly recognised values and attributes that are associated with an established brand can provide instant cachet to a range of additional products or services.


By licensing your brand to select third parties, you can retain full control of associated products, ensuring your brand is enhanced and not undermined. Your organisation can then benefit from additional income streams and increased market exposure, without the need for upfront investment or risk. Brand licensing is a powerful way to breathe new life into your brand and access established channels and routes to market for quick risk-free returns and profitable revenue growth.


IconBL specialise in working with established brands to identify market potential and maximise brand opportunities for additional revenue streams and greater market exposure.

Choose IconBL for your brand:

  • Create commercial advantage over your competitors
  • Higher visibility for your brand through targeted placement
  • Increased profit on sales through non-traditional sales avenues
  • Low or zero initial outlay
  • You have clarity and Control throughout…
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Product Development

  • Creative development team
  • Product sourcing and sales from a specialist in their field
  • Product and manufacturing compliance through audited and approved manufacturing partners and processes
  • Protection and control over your IP and assets

We will only promise to deliver on realistic expectations

  • Income projection
  • Routes to market and sales channels
  • Brand profiling
  • Contractual obligations
  • Plain English contracts
  • Product portfolio
  • Investment in the development of products
  • Investment in sales and marketing
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